“Enough dust whipped up...”

... thought specialist contractor Martin Ueding from Laer in the region of Steinfurt [North-Rhine Westphalia]. At the end of last year he purchased the new PFT anti-dust unit for his new plasterer and bricklayer company. Ever since, the construction sites are cleaner, the customers are more satisfied and his employees can take deep breaths - in the real sense of the word.

The company founded in 2002 in the northern part of the Münsterland is specialised in the modernisation and renovation of existing buildings. Half of the activities take place on private, half on commercial construction sites. “We process between 4,800 and 5,000 sacks of lime-cement plaster per year. About half of it is pumped directly from the vehicle to the construction site using a PFT G 4, and we also carry the bagged goods on our transporter. The dust generation during work was really enormous”, remembers Martin Ueding.

The solution to this problem was found on the Internet. There, the specialist contractor had analysed the entire PFT product range and quickly found what he was looking for: “The PFT anti-dust unit was exactly what could use for my plant.” He first went to his dealer (Bau-Ma-tec in Stadtlohn) to take a look at the device there. Apart from the technical efficiency, also the uncomplicated installation to the existing PFT G 4 was shown here: With just a few hand movements, the innovative protection grille and the Class M safety vacuum cleaner were connected. “An induction was not required, it almost worked on its own”, says Martin Ueding. The ergonomically ideal insertion height for bagged goods is also practical, since it facilitates handling on the construction site.

The combination of an extraction system integrated in the protection grille and the targeted extraction in the deflector plate for floating dust make the system so efficient. Additives as fine dust are important to ensure the material quality. Therefore, the fine dust is not just extracted, but sucked back into the machine by means of a special flow field, which is generated by the negative pressure in the material hopper. Floating dust is caught again through another adjustable extraction nozzle. The effect manifests itself quickly: “PFT states a reduction in dust pollution by 80 percent”, explains specialist contractor Ueding, “in any case, we have achieved, if not exceeded it.” The occupational protection is thus improved sustainably and the health of the six employees is protected. Furthermore, they do no longer wear a mouth guard when processing lime-cement plaster. The compatibility of the PFT anti-dust unit with other PFT G 4 machines permits flexible use. Martin Ueding: “At least twice a week we are on construction sites using lime-cement plaster, which makes the use of the PFT anti-dust unit even more worthwhile.”